About Literacy & Basic Skills

What are Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS)?

These are the skills adults need to live well and have success at work and in school. 

Literacy and Basic Skills can include:


 letters, textbooks, news articles, documents


 notes, emails, essays


 money, time, data, measurements

 digital technology

 internet, email, computers, cell phones

 working with others

 communication, problem solving, teamwork

They also include managing time, setting goals and knowing how you learn best. They are the building blocks for learning new skills as adults.

Why improve your literacy?

Improved literacy leads to more opportunities for work, education and personal well-being.  We all have skills to improve!

Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Programs

In Ontario, we are lucky to have funding for LBS Programs. These programs are run by Employment Ontario and funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario through the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement. 


Want to learn in-person?

LBS programs are everywhere!  They can be found in schools, libraries and other community spaces.  Learning is done in group classes or one-on-one with a Literacy Practitioner, Tutor or Adult Educator. 

The LearningHUB works closely with our partners who support learners in-person.  If you are looking to join a program in your local community, we can help you!  Contact UsYou can also find helpful information about LBS on this page